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Luis De Garrido Architects as Architects

The house is arranged over three floors. The basement houses a multipurpose main hall. The ground floor houses the rooms of the house: lounge, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. The first floor houses a bedroom and a lounge for guests.

It has a multipurpose room located in the basement to store a large bag of fresh air (which rise and walk the entire house, cooling as it passes). Similarly, the ground floor and first floor are hollow to accommodate a central courtyard. The first floor has the rooms on the south side to the solar access to housing through the central courtyard.

The covered patio is essential for the proper functioning bioclimatic and housing that allows it to cool in summer and in winter to keep warm.

In summer the central courtyard and overhead lighting provides housing. The outside temperature is so high that it can illuminate the housing through conventional windows (in fact, the windows should be almost closed all summer). Therefore, the light enters the housing through the central courtyard, reflecting off the walls and interior mirrors and reaching the basement.

The two existing solar chimneys on the patio is heated by solar radiation and create an air suction force. On the other hand, in the basement of the house creates a big bag of fresh air that rises and is sucked out. This will create a flow of air inside the house, through the central courtyard, covering the entire house, and cooling in its path.

That is, the large patio covered ventral allows the home is well lit inside, but without heating. Solar radiation enters the housing at the top of the patio and warms the air. But this hot air immediately escapes through the outer solar chimneys, and draws fresh air from the basement.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that in winter the temperature of Cordoba can be very low, and need to enter the building as much direct sunlight. For this reason the housing is elongated, allowing the existence of large windows on the south side. Housing thus perfectly heated greenhouse. In summer, however, the windows are covered by means of some exterior shutters, preventing it from solar radiation, and therefore that the house warm.

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