Corner House

Corner House

Keizo Ikemura
Chiba, Japan | View Map
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Nobuaki Nakagawa

Corner House

Keizo Ikemura as Architects

There is a residential town fabricated by the homogeneous modern grid on a developed clear land surface. This is a dwelling for a couple dwellers in such a town of anonymity, Tokyo suburbia.


The site as a corner subdivision of a town block is cut in triangle halves, a garden and a house. The garden is faced to the south and a town park, which is the next block to the site, to extend the sight of the garden, and to provide the un-blind corner by the continuous open space with the park.


In the house, round brick walls divide the interior gently in each space. They also work as the humid stabilizers by the brick’s dehumidification and the lighting diffusers by the texture of their rough surfaces.


This dwelling space is the merge of the diagonal phase as the response to the homogeneity of the anonymized modern town, and the round formation of the walls as the direct affecter to the dwellers’ behavior.

Material Used:

1. Lath-Mortar

2. Exposed Concrete

3. Slate

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