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“Rumah Pojok” Story

Dear readers, we will review one of VAastu Architecture Studio's works in 2017. We give the name "Rumah Pojok" because the position of the house is in the corner. This house is located in one of the GDC (Grand Depok City) clusters in Depok.

The design process starts 5 months earlier than the date the house is handed over by the developer. After the handover with the developer is complete, then proceed to the renovation stage carried out by the client. The renovation is done to add and complete facilities that have not been provided in the house by the developer.

The construction process starts from October 2017 and is completed in July 2018. The duration of construction, interior and furniture construction takes nine months with a full month of Eid holidays.

For front-facing processing, we follow the design of the developer. We have developed this design towards modern tropical. Our tropical elements strengthen from the front garden and the garden in the house.

Our entrance is divided into two accents. The main entrance with a red door color is used as one access with the car garage and the service door is accessed from the motorcycle garage. Because the building does not use a fence, the park becomes the main viewpoint of the view. The park is positioned as the second separator of access. In addition, the garden in front of the house gives a beautiful and shady impression.

In interior design we combine Scandinavian with ethnicity. Ethnicity can be obtained from brass batik stamp collections and traditional cloth collections client. For modern, we can get from old client furniture. All combined into one that creates a unique impression. Our clients have a hobby of collecting brass batik stamps and we assemble them in large frames and make them points off view in the living room. This is our first experience combining elements of culture with modern furniture and once Scandinavian. A blend of traditional and modern creates a unique impression on the interior of the living room. It was a surprise to us that the batik stamp could be very nicely matched with Scandinavian and modern furniture.

Interior design of the child's room is more emphasis on function. This action is to give their freedom to create in their room according to their style and age and in the future. Special designs only on the client's first daughter's room. Because the room size is very limited so we really think of all the ways for all needs to be met. The solution that is obtained is to put the bed above with access to the stairs and at the bottom it functions as a wardrobe and lounge. This bedroom design is unique and appropriate by applying the solution.

The main bedroom, we choose white furniture and solid wood parquet flooring. Solid wood flooring is a client's special request. The combination of all these elements makes the main bedroom cooler. Because furniture is modern, to soften it, we apply the Parisian doors on the balcony. In the interior bedroom accessories, two traditional fabrics of the client collection were chosen, namely songket fabric and NTT weaving. Both of these traditional fabrics blend nicely with modern furniture and give a little eclectic impression in the interior.

Story of the main bedroom bed. It was an old client's rejuvenated bed. We simplify the design and repaint everything with white ducco. The reason we maintain is because the bed is a nostalgic memory of the client.

The study room is on the prayer room circulation road and the master bedroom. This study room is small. We decided to design a special study table with material from transparent glass and make large window openings. This method is to give the illusion of a wider room. Large glass windows insert views of the exterior into the room by providing a transparent barrier. And the glass study table gives the impression of a room that remains spacious without cutting the width of the table.

There are so many stories of our work for "Rumah Pojok - Depok. West Java". Don't forget to get the latest information about our work on "Instagram - @vaastustudio". Please visit and follow us.

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