Corten De Geer Advocaten

Corten De Geer Advocaten

Emma architecten
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Danny de Jong

Corten De Geer Advocaten

Emma architecten as Architects

Introduction The Corten De Geer law firm is expanding, and moved to a new and biggerfloor in the same building: the office v2.0 (re)new!.Emma was asked to research, define and execute the law firms need for anew space. Marten de Jong of Emma Explore defined the design commissionthrough in depth conversations with the firms partners, came up with thespatial concept and design, and supervised the execution. The result is unlikeany other lawyers office: transparent, sustainable and both contemporaryand monumental at the same time.

Summary The office v2.0 is situated in the building ‘de Groene Draeck’ that is locatedon the developing North bank of the river IJ in Amsterdam. This buildingwas built in 1953 as a shipyard. It is named after the most famous yachtthey built: the queens lemsteraak ship which in its place was named afterthe flagship of Piet Hein, dating back to 1623. In 1995 this building wasconverted in to office spaces. This re-use of name and building inspired theconcept for Corten De Geer Advocaten, a firm that is specialised in real estateand related ancient lease holds.

The interior is produced from existing and re-used interior and buildingelements of character: old window frames, grass green carpet, industriallamps, 50’s chairs and the typical grey sheet steel bureaucrats filing cabinets.In the collage of these elements the contemporary art collection of the firm ismixed. The result is an extremely transparent and communicative workspace.It’s concrete and glass, but no anonymous high-tec. It’s farm house windowframes, but no romanticism.The re-used, sometimes historic, elements collaborate with the contemporaryart pieces. Together they provide instant character and a both recognizableand surprising atmosphere.The interior was produced by the very artists whose work is in the collection.Their skill of making the radical out of the ordinary is felt in every detail.The office opened in October 2013 after a three month period of design andrealisation.

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