Country house

Country house

Deborah Roig
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Country house

Deborah Roig as Architects

Project signed by Deborah Roig integrates country house to the nature

By intelligent solutions that seize better the lot, the house foccus on sustentability and self-sufficiency

A golf player and his family had a dream: live in a house contructed in the edge of a golf course, in a fancy neighboorhood at São Paulo’s countryside. The project, created by the architect Deborah Roig, made that dream come true. However, before the design, she had to think about solutions for the lot, which was the last available in the neighborhood. That’s because the area had a triangular form, a narrow entrance and an inadequate insolation. In addition, the neighborhood was already complete, with houses whose dimensions covered the view ahead.


Deborah’s first proposal was to place the house at the bottow of the lot, at the widest part, integrating it to the golf course which, by the way, is also a garden. “There was little earth moving and, in response to unsustainable impacts, we chose to build the house in the flattest and highest part of the land”, Deborah explains. Also, as the back area of the lot is high, it is possible to see the landscape around the house.


They used typical industrial style material for the construction, such as burnt cement and corten steel, and a stone frontage created to be in full harmony with the project. This house was built in a short deadline – 10 months – and it had minimal rubble. To make the project ecological and self-sufficient, Deborah decided to add solar heating and a system of rainwater reuse.


The large openings formed by the open frames that merge the exterior with the internal part, give natural light to the house, culminating with the skylight installed above the reflection pool. “Without delimitations, the living room and the balcony are free span open spaces of almost 30 meters designed for entertainment, and favoring the interaction in these spots and in the gourmet kitchen”, highlighted the architect. At the pool, the sustentability appears on the glass tiles and on the plastic deck that imitates wood, both made of recycled material. 

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