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Priego de Córdoba, Spain


SSW Arquitectos as Architects

Located in the Eastern part of the town, not far from the bullring, the building of the new court house of Priego de Córdoba stands out from the urban residential environment in which is placed, which is mostly two storey single-family houses and small open spaces as plazas of different character.

The plot showed a big difference of level which forced the ground floor to acquire semibasement conditions in certain places. To give a proper functional response to the complexity of the program, it was decided to concentrate in the South part of the building most of its volume. This allows us to soften the north part of the building, leaving a free space prior to the main entrance. Here, the ground floor, which as we have said before is half-buried, behaves as a podium, leaving the public entrance at a higher level which is accessed through a wide outside staircase.

Next to the main staircase, a cavity in the podium serves as an inner patio offering light to some parts of the ground floor. On this floor are located both that part of the program that does not require natural light, and those that require separated entrances from the rest of the building. Also on this floor are located the coroner´s and the prosecutor's offices, which must be functionally linked to the police court which has a separate entrance from the courtyard. This allowing them to be opened at a different time than the rest of the building.

Once we climb the staircase, under a large pergola that works as a threshold, we arrive to the access platform. This element adds lightness and helps to increase the visibility of the building in its urban environment, emphasizing its public character.

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