Crematorium Rusthof

Crematorium Rusthof

EGM architects
Leusden, Netherlands
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EGM architects

Crematory Rusthof

EGM architects as Architects

Rusthof Cemetery and Crematory is situated in the densely forested landscape between the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Gelderse Vallei. Here the bereaved from any cultural or religious background are able to say goodbye to their dearly departed in their own way. The current trend is customization. The design of Rusthof Crematorium has taken this into account.

Crematory Rusthof is part of the Rusthof cemetery. The building has a completely different look than the existing historic buildings, but is both in terms of landscape and urban build carefully integrated into the original design (1929) of architect ir. C.B. van der Tak. Life is intricately linked with death.

EGM has studied the background and the way new groups within our society deal with death as well as their rituals surrounding death. The starting point, therefore, was to design a place to commemorate death and celebrate life. In the design, the different beliefs of relatives is taken into account. That is why the cremation room is separated from the great hall and reception areas by a patio, so that not everyone needs to be confronted with the cremation.

Various religions and cultural groups can say goodbye to the deceased in these areas in their own way. The biggest challenge, next to integrating the landscape, was to create a “homey feel” in the auditorium. The auditorium is a large, bright, circular space that, thanks to the careful design, still creates an intimate atmosphere. Materials have remained sober: a white stucco building with a vertical platform, red-brown brick.

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