Cultural & Hotel Complex in Dobrzeń Wielki

Cultural & Hotel Complex in Dobrzeń Wielki

DEKOP Pracownia Architektury
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Cultural & Hotel Complex in Dobrzeń Wielki

DEKOP Pracownia Architektury as Architects

The idea for the buildings' facade involves using clinker brick on the representative exterior walls framed with white mineral plaster to the level of the attic and the plith. The tectonic od the facade is influenced by design solutions used in the gastronomic and the cultural part of the building. Wall portions by the window openings in plan view have visible bevels, from which a variety od shifted bricks are standing out in different systems. Designed bricks layout on the facade refers to the tradition of constructing brick buildings in the Opole Voivodeship. Ivy climbing on the gable walls of the hotel complements the facade design.

Cooperation: W.Polko R.Borodziu k Ł.Much a M.Zacher

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Don Ramón de la Cruz
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Don Ramón de la Cruz

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