Cultural Quarter De Nieuwe Kolk Assen

Cultural Quarter De Nieuwe Kolk Assen

Cultural Centres, Theaters and Housing
Assen, Netherlands - Build completed in 2010
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Cultural Quarter Assen

De Zwarte Hond as Architects

In 2008 De ZwarteHond won the design competition for a multifunctional culture building in Assen. The site, at the edge of the historical city was transformed via a design & build construction into a big complex with functions such as a theater, cinema, library, cafés, restaurants and apartments.

The new cultural complex is a monumental and traditional building made of Dutch brickwork, steel and glass. It therefore fits into the context of Assen, rich with old mansions, fortresses and churches. The grand entrance of the building is situated next to a new theatre square, which is a lively and pleasant place to stay for a drink after visiting the cultural complex.

A historical stone wall and a staircase of monumental size connect the square directly to the entrance of the building. The square forms a gate to a large lobby/foyer from where the different venues can be visited. It’s the place to see and be seen.

The square and the lobby continue the tradition of a rich sequence of streets, alleys, squares and gardens and connect the cultural program with the urban fabric of Assen.

Culture and architecture in harmony

Bolidt as Manufacturers

You can write history and you can build history. That is what the council of provincial capital Assen must have thought. ‘De Nieuwe Kolk’ is a brand-new cultural complex that will be a vibrant hub of activity throughout the year with the entire entertainment loving population flocking in. ‘De Nieuwe Kolk’ is a universe in itself with no beginning or end. In theory, if so inclined, you could spend your entire life in this complex. It has everything you need and more: 2 theatres, also suitable for events, 5 film theatres, the Visual Arts Centre, ample parking facilities, interior loading docks for the delivery and pickup of goods, a library with courses, lectures, films and books, office spaces, 65 rented flats, a spacious café in a central location and a wonderful sculpture garden for a breath of fresh air surrounded by scenic and artistic beauty.

The complex just oozes architecture and was designed to be seen from the beginning. The website of ‘De Nieuwe Kolk’ is almost like a stylish substitute for the celebrated reality series ‘Big Brother’. The virtual tour created by design agency ‘De Zwarte Hond’ shows graphically dazzling images of all spaces and functions and it was possible to follow the building process via a webcam. The traditional exterior of brick and glass fits the architectural style of surrounding characteristic city icons such as the barracks on the nearby De Vaart canal, the Provincial Court, the Drents Museum and the Protestant Joseph Church. The theatre part was realized in co-operation with Greiner van Goor Huijten Architects. All in all, it is understandable that contractors in the building industry were all very excited about this project. Obviously, Bolidt did not have to think twice when asked to supply the flooring systems for the parking facilities and the library. It was an absolute pleasure to install an aesthetic design floor in the library. One that gives the space a cultural boost and at the same time is more than adequate in terms of innovativeness, wear resistance, user comfort and maintenance friendliness. The car park also had to fit into this exceptional picture and such a challenge is just up Bolidt’s alley. Bolidt has a vast amount of experience with parking systems that surpass the traditional materials in practically every respect. Millions of cars will be able to drive in and out over tens of thousands of days without the surface and colour markings wearing down or breaking up. You just have to love Bolidtop®.

Cultural Centre ‘De Nieuwe Kolk’ in Assen, the Netherlands

liniLED® as Manufacturers

The former Cultural Centre “De Kolk” in Assen, the Netherlands, has a new cultural quarter. With the Cultural Quarter “de Nieuwe Kolk” a tradition will be continued of more than half a century of theater and culture. To accentuate the well designed elements of the building and the interior, the reception, cloakroom, the information desk and in the various lounge areas, liniLED® Top Cold White 6500K Deco and liniLED® Warm White 3000K Deco has been used. The high quality finish with LED lighting gives an extra dimension and a beautiful appearance.

Installation liniLED® realized by Harryvan

Nieuwe Kolk - New Cultural Center

In-es.artdesign as Manufacturers

Mezza Luna lamps were used in 'Nieuwe Kolk'.

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