Dance Laboratory 1

Dance Laboratory 1

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Dance Laboratory 1

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The Graduate Rehearsal Space 1 is designed for the Department of Dance and is located in the Art Annex 2 at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. The collaboration between the disciplines of architecture and dance offers a strong foundation for discussion on sustainability. A reemerging discussion in both fields about the value of materiality and efficiency forms a new framework of interaction. The project serves as an initiator in the development of a more ecologically responsible campus. The space demonstrates longevity of building stock within the university by finding new ways to reuse resources.

The only material used for the dance space was the remains of an old basketball court. The remnants, after building the floor, were used for partition walls where each broken piece of wood was utilized in the project, leaving only 2% byproduct in the construction process. Cutting the remaining wood into 38,000 cross sections enabled us to design a wood fabric wall for the space. By drilling holes in the cross sections and stringing the pieces through the holes with music wire a fabric like surface was constructed that then was draped in the space as walls. To ensure an even wall surface towards the dance space, a jig was made (see diagram) to ensure that all pieces were drilled with the same distance to one cutting plane and could be strung to gether consistently. This method allowed for tolerances of imprecise cuts and damaged wood that could still be used for the walls.

In Collaboration with the Dance Department, UIUC, 2009

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