De Linde - Medical Group Practice

De Linde - Medical Group Practice

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Katoo Peeters

De Linde - Medical Group Practice

Collectief mars as Architects

By dismantling 2 single houses an elongated no-man’s-land dusted with decayed sheds is unlocked. A medical group practice fills in the liberated footprint while the masterplan forsees the development of a small apartment dwelling. ‘Qualitative densification’ as they say. The L-shaped building promptly claims its presence in this no-man’s land. Robust and simple, but gracefull and sophisticated. Concrete, brick and zinc are counterbalanced by lustrous champagne window profiles. Concrete linings and a deepened niche hint to the Belle-Epoque building on the other side.


Zinc rainwater pipes - one more functional than the other - proudly glanze at the facades. The plan facilitates an efficient daily use and seperates circulation between patient and doctor - as if it were a hospital. Earthly tones and elegant window configurations generate an informal ambience that does not resemble at all the cold enlightened corridors of the generic hosptital. A longitudunal courtyard flanking the doctor’s offices assures both privacy as pleasant workspaces flouded with light, sun and air. Welcome doctor’s practice of the 21st centrury!


Material Used:

1. Reynaers Aluminium - Windows

2. Wapper/Rainbow Silver Van der Sanden - Bricks

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WindowsReynaers Aluminium
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