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AToT as Architects


The artificial, the natural. The project is developed on an abstract landscape where nature takes place itself in the sense that is defined as constant and homogeneous. “make place in space” takes shape from the time where streamlining project processes determines a new architectural characterization; then, the work poses as an emplacement objetual about abstract landscape. The symbolic meaning of the work as a not evident variable, transgresses the figurative to be part of the surrounding objetual landscape.

Context The time-space relationship is determined by the program articulation and movement; in the reinterpretation of phenomenal spaces spanning instances of light and tectonics. Without falling into the descriptive, expressive specificity determines the work as an object that sets up a new space. The natural place ceases to exist to reconfigure into a new one.

Changed nature From the particular, the work is determined by the radiance between the existing and the new: the framing of an interior with the surrounding landscape. The limits are set from the vertical motion sequences where visual and programmatic uses are determined by the fusion of two places: the natural and the artificial. The narrative space is armed as defining instances of spatial tensions in relation to the existing site. Limits idea The work focuses on the idea of space contained within an existing landscape; thus architectural specificity becomes relevance to the outer and inner experience. In contrast to the idea of presence, the cabin is a permanence work; reinterpretation of symbolism and tradition of a cottage on the island structure. Typical local materials are used, but given the quality of being a contrasting object for which surrounds and warmth without losing the notion of place for living there.

Joints and Movements The cabin is designed for six owners, who live in different times individually and sometimes in groups. So a neutral space that allows various recreational entities is thought, maintaining the original place as a key aspect of this new space. The work is determined as a collection of places: a primitive place, object-place, recreational place, contemplative place, pragmatic place.

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Quartz office by Easst architects
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Quartz office by Easst architects

Poznań, Poland - Build completed in 2015
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