DENSA - 99 Apartments for Basel-Nord

DENSA - 99 Apartments for Basel-Nord

Wohnüberbauung Densa Park, Kleinhüningen, Switzerland - Build completed in 2012
Ruedi Walti

DENSA - 99 Apartments for Basel-Nord

Luca Selva AG as Architects

The two six storey buildings smartly mediate between the existing fragmented block edge, free standing structures and a large scale shopping center. Ninetynine apartments of various type and character were built on the former industrial plot. The bend of this buildings allow selective yet expansive views and a diagonal vision within the complex despite the high density of the urban tissue. It also creates well defined and fluid open outside areas. The building to the north is based on an orthogonal layout while in the building to the south the stairwells are slightly twisted with regard to the facades thusly making the apartments more spacious.

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