DEPAIRE Office and Facilities

DEPAIRE Office and Facilities

Mollem, Belgium
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Michael van Oosten

Office and facilities DEPAIRE


DEPAIRE / The Transports Marcel Depaire has been set up in 1964 through Marcel Depaire beginning in national transport across Belgium. The boom of the Steel industry and the opening-up to other countries, mainly France, brought a new dimension to the company in the seventies. Nadine Depaire, daughter of Marcel, decided to join the company in 1981. At the end of the eighties automotive, automotive manufacturers like VW and Renault became part of the customers. In this period, Just In Time delivery systems were set up and spread out over the whole of the industries. Since the beginning of 1998, Marcel Depaire invests in a warehouse giving our customers the possibility of storing and handling their products, preparing their orders and deliveries. In 2014, Marcel Depaire decides to extend the facilities by investing to increase our warehousing capacity with a new best-in-class & eco-friendly building. Since 60 years, the Transports Marcel Depaire is a well established company thanks to its high level customer satisafaction; providing the best solution for national and international transports and satisfying your logistical needs.

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