Design a jewel box of an ultra-low-footprint apartment in 420sf (~39 m2).

Design a jewel box of an ultra-low-footprint apartment in 420sf (~39 m2).

New York, United States
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In design process we allocate spaces in a way that the whole space can be divided to two parts which are separate in terms of pr

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The furniture selection, design and the way the items are stored is due to inspiration from minimalist architecture in order to our slogan; The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less In design process we allocate spaces in a way that the whole space can be divided to two parts which are separate in terms of privacy, auditory and visually. As a result Graham would have incredibly easy access to office area, walking closet, kitchen, and tec.

In our design we selected furniture which are minimal in terms of space they occupy and on the other hand Graham would set them easily and with least effort. Graham will be able to watch TV once he is having dinner, laying in his bed also guest can watch TV from their designated area. All chairs including 12 dinner table chairs can be hidden in cabinets. A lounge for 8 persons consists of lightweight, comfortable and easy to move sofas from which Graham and his friends can watch the Cisco Umi Telepresence.

As Graham enters the apartment he can find the place for shoes right there. The rolling tool chest is placed below the shoe cabinet in the 50cm high cabinet over which Graham will sit on the bench in the steam room. The shoe cabinet (20cm deep) is behind the steam room seating. There is a cabinet in the middle in which the CHOOL sofas and stools will be placed. The CHOOL cabinet is attached to Graham’s storage space. When the CHOOL cabinet slides away, there is a sliding door which will protect the resulting walking closet in between and provides privacy. In the walking closet a mirror and place for cloths and shoes with lockable storage included.

The home/office is right next to the window and benefits from natural daylight but in a way that there is no glare on the monitor display. Desk is folded and can be opened. The 31”Mac, 17” Macbook Pro and a desk lamp can be placed over the desk and can be stored in the cabinet. Under it there is a cabinet place for office items, Graham’s rolling chair, stationary and computer accessories. On the left side of the entrance there is a wall with chairs and foldable flooring surface with suitable material in case there is need to do some kind of home repairs. When closed the bike will be placed there also there is space to hang wet cloths and umbrella in a rainy day. On the back side the wall is magnetic to stick pictures. The foldable flooring surface is specially designed for the time Graham wants to do repairs and it prevents the wooden floor from getting dirty when repairing bike or other stuff. The rolling tool chest is also on hand and there is a cabinet to store repair equipments. The dining table can slide inside the wall when it’s not in use. Over it there is a drawer and storage for dining table items (tableware, cups, etc) While 8 person sofas are in use and home/office guest beds can be used too. White walls are ideal because they reflect the light , as a result there is no need to use artificial lighting during day and also light colours make space feel larger. Our design is replicable in similar cases because it of its minimalism and flexibility. We did not use decoration items to keep the design simple as much as possible. For lighting strategy, we recommend using LED lighting system, which have long lifespan (100,000 hours) and very low wattage and energy consumption. We calculated the total LUMENS needed for various spaces and after that we came up with the total number of LED lights Graham will need and also the total wattage for lighting. For the flooring material we will use ECO-TIMBER. The benefits are; -Low cost -Stability -Low environmental impact. Internal walls are to be covered with low cost Eco paint. References: You can see choll You can see Nemalux (LED light system) You can see Solid Wood flooring You can see resourcefurniture

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