Design Hotel in Rovinj

Design Hotel in Rovinj

Rovinj, Croatia - Vacant in 2010

Design Hotel in Rovinj, Hotel Lone, Croatia

Knauf Aquapanel GmbH & Co. KG as Manufacturers

Luxury liner in Mediterranean surroundings

Situated in a hundred-year old forest park, adjacent to the perfectly blue Mulini Beach, the 5-star Hotel Lone is a genuine highlight on the coast of the Mediterranean Adriatic. This design hotel is located a mere ten minutes from the picturesque town centre of Rovinj and its looks resemble a huge ocean liner. It is an edifice in beaming white colour, featuring a minimalist curved façade.

In order to reproduce the beautiful shapes on the ceiling and still meet the necessary technical requirements, such as moisture resistance, architects from the 3LHD Team in Zagreb opted for Knauf Ceilings Solutions with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside. This advanced system consists of highly resilient cement boards with matching accessories and offers both freedom in terms of design as well as outstanding technical properties. These boards can be easily used to construct any desired shape, simply by cutting and snapping. Thanks to outstanding flexibility with a bending radius of 1 metre, even rounded shapes are possible. At the same time the material is highly resilient and does

not deteriorate, even in areas exposed to salt water. These attributes made it the best choice for one of the best hotels on the Croatian coast.


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