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The house has an area of 7mx20m, just right enough to arrange the rooms according to the needs of the owner. Locate in the southeast with the river view.


The investor is he who took the time to research and appreciated the architect’s advice. Even though, the house located in a planning area ....all the elements such as construction height and construction setback must comply with the general regulations. On the other hand, the investor believes and takes great care in feng shui, which make architects had to process the living space according to the Feng Shui's determination such as bedroom, rest room, wardrobe,...


With the structure of a basement, a ground floor, two upper floors, and a rooftop, features include a garage, living room, kitchen, and four bedrooms, the functional spaces are arranged around a large skylight.The front and back functional spaces are connected by series of wooden stairways and corridors.


Due to being located in the southeast direction, the house manages to avoid harmful sunlight and catch the wind, therefore, bedrooms, kitchen, and living room all have fenestration exposes to the river view in front of the house.With the texture of grindstone floor, concrete ceiling, walnut wood,...the resident is put together nicely forming a warm and affectionate environment yet very luxurious.


Material Used:

1. Floor & wall Finished - Terazzo

2. Wood structure - Walnut

3. Curtain wall -Xingfa

4. Lighting- Ori lighting

5. Lighting - Megaman

6. Bathroom equipments -TOTO

7. Tiles - Mao Trung & Rita Vo

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Bathroom equipmentsTOTO
lightingOri Lighting
Curtain WallXingfa
Product Spec Sheet
Bathroom equipments
by Megaman
Curtain Wall
by Xingfa
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