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Diyarbakir Discovery Center and Islamic Science Mu

Diyarbakir Discovery Center and Islamic Science Mu

Studio Vertebra
Diyarbakır, Turkey | View Map
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Diyarbakir Discovery Center and Islamic Science Museum

Studio Vertebra as Architects

The Diyarbakır Discovery Center and the Islamic Science Museum, designed by  Studio Vertebra are located close to the educational units, allowing to become the center of attraction in the city. Having many functions such as planetarium, activity areas, botanical garden, the project aims to create an education-oriented center in the area it resides.

Diyarbakır Discovery Center and Islam Science Museum aims to create a new focal point in the region with its proximity to the main transportation hubs and center of the education units in the region with its 6.700 sqm construction area in total, 4.100 sqm of which is residence area in Diyarbakır, designed by Studio Vertebra, partnered with Chief Architect  Gencer Yalçın, Master Architect Dilşad Öktem Aslaner, Master Architect Bahar Yücel Interior Architect Efe Kağan Hızar, which conduct interdisciplinary activities on a national and international level in the field of architecture, interior design and restoration since its establishment.

Studio Vertebra has designed the main circulation of the project that is divided into education units in the west side of the Diyarbakır city center, having Islam Science Museum and Discovery Center as a structural set up that divides such two functions. The first two layers move in a single block while the second layer is shifted to make two axle consoles. As a result of this molar motion, a planetarium was placed beneath the console formed in the entrance, and the rest of the console acted as a marquee, forming the main entrance and foyer ceiling.

While the main entrance of the structure is at the side of the Discovery Center Islam Science Center has its own entrance. While Discovery Center has a wider rhythmic gap in the front, Islam Science Museum has more frequent gaps and submerged arc and other entrance. The monumental entrance in the center of the high submerged arch of the Islam Science Museum has been depicted with muqarnas image. The entrance of the Discovery Center is defined with a planetarium. The entrance of the Discovery Center allows for general circulation of the museum and provides a direct access to temporary exhibition halls and planetarium. This section includes cafeteria and sales units in connection with the foyer. While the botanic garden and activity area situates in the second floor of the structure, the telescope of the museum stands here. The middle area is designed as a space that can change, transform and combine as required by the exhibition requirements.

Studio Vertebra preserves the cultural integrity of the structures in its design decisions and aims to provide symbolic value out of the architectural references of, Diyarbakır. The rhythmic fractures within the integral front distinguish the structure from its environment and provide a different perspective from each angle with its relation with the light. The natural stones, glass, and illuminative materials are chosen to provide this symbolic impact.  

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