DLW Flooring – BAU 2017

DLW Flooring – BAU 2017

Munich, Germany
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Ulrich Beuttenmüller

DLW Flooring – BAU 2017

Ippolito Fleitz Group - Identity Architects as Interior Architects

BAU, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems is flooring manufacturer DLW Flooring’s most important forum for engaging with its customers. Which is why it is now a tradition that the company presents itself at this fair via an exceptional stand concept. The products from DLW Flooring, all characterised by an excellent environmental footprint and high aesthetic standards, as well astheir diverse fields of application, are staged in nine thematic worlds that interconnect inside and out under the leitmotif ›Inside Out‹.


The aim of the stand is not only to highlight the quality of DLW products in the field of healthy construction, but also to position them as a stylistic instrument in interior design. This is achieved through a dynamic exhibition stand with an exterior shell that dissolves almost entirely and provides constantly shifting perspectives on the colourplay within.


True to the motto ›Inside Out‹, the stand interior radiates out. The plain white exterior walls sketch a rough outlineto the stand, while oversized circles and segments of circles have been cut out from the walls. These have been covered on both sides with collages of DLW products and set back into the walls as rotating disks. These elements allow visitors to interact directly with the stand and engage with the product world in a playful manner. At the same time, continually new perspectivesof the equally shifting interior space are thereby created. Large-area material compositions on the rear walls create a permanent stageset for this dance of forms and colours. Even the obligatory conference islands take backstage visually, simply appearing as extras on the stage.


In the DLW Flooring exhibition presence for BAU 2017, the architecture itself disappears almost entirely to become a fragile framework, making space for the interior, which belongs wholly to the product world and its charismatic colours.

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