DOK Delft Library Concept Centre

DOK Delft Library Concept Centre

Delft, Netherlands
Project Year
Stijn Poelstra and Jan Bartelsman

DOK Delft Library Concept Centre

aatvos as Architects

DOK Library Concept Centre Offices

The Netherlands, 2007. DOK Library Concept Centre Offices. Offices for award winning innovative library concept. Spacious, colorful, inspiring.

Situation Urban renewal project enables Municipality of Delft to relocate and reinvent its public library offices.

Target Create offices for the world’s most inspiring library. Put people first.

Action Rehabilitate the structural elements of the old city block. Embrace its natural beauty and gently nestle the library in it. Use book shelves not to occupy space but to make room. Create a place that will be remembered.

Result Offices for a world class library. Bright colored and characteristic. This is a place where new ideas will be developed, no question about that!

Did you know? The DOK Library Concept Centre was nominated for the prestigious international LEAF award in 2007 and was awarded Best Library of the Netherlands in 2009, with special appreciation for the interior design. It has continued to inspire people and librarians all over the world till today. Design in close cooperation with Liesbeth van der Pol, DOK Architects, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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