Drangedal Woodfactory Concept

Drangedal Woodfactory Concept

Drangedal, Norway
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Aat Vos

Drangedal Wood Factory Concept

aatvos as Architects

Drangedal Woodfactory Concept

Norway, 2012. Drangedal Wood factory. Super bold make-over for an old wood factory ensures a second life as cultural centre.

Situation Almost forgotten historic Norwegian wood factory gets a second life as cultural centre.

Target Create an inspiring place people must see to generate traffic for cultural events.

Action Emphasize the beauty of the old factory by not changing anything. Simply add a shell that provides all necessities and generates energy too.

Result A super bold and iconic plan. The historic rational wood factory site is transformed into a must-see architectural statement.

Did you know? This factory was built during WWII and produced wood chips that were used to run cars. The large new shell contains an innovative greenhouse that is also used to pre-heat air to improve heat pump efficiency.

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