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Dress Code

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Project name - DRESS CODE city, country - Féchy, Switzerland project description –

Dress Code is an elementary school designed for the community of Fréchy in SWITZERLAND. It is surrounded by farming areas and nearby hills. Under the idea that once the program and the function are defined, the architect’s job consists in dressing up architecture; Dress Code was conceived. It gives a major importance to the facades and to the way the building is seen externally. Visual communication is a key point, especially considering that school is the first source of knowledge for youngsters. The architect’s objective is to bring to architecture the ductility and smoothness of fabrics and the delicacy of the sewing lace. This is a very sensible work that started by developing an irregular mesh using as a reference handmade pieces of embroidery; then a module; generating finally, a skin. By creating a mesh that is organic on its shape, the covering of the building acts like a textile covering. The membrane filters the exterior and creates a cellular connection between the exterior and the interior. It let us see through the outstanding sights of the surroundings as well as it keeps us safe inside. Like clothing it controls temperature reducing excessive heat and cold, it controls the inner environment. The regularity and porosity of the skin was determined by the solar and wind exposure of the building. Interiors were designed to be playful and attractive to children by being generous in space, color, light and shapes. This projects shows to the highest degree the properties of the materials used. No doubt this project is a delightful mix of fluidity, lightness are grace.

designer /architect - Olivier Brouillard “Firm: COMPLEX CITY” status of project / expected completion if applicable - Competition firm website - www.complexcity.fr

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