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Rubí, Spain
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The aim is to make a prototype of housing, with unique design and high added value for mass promotion. The first stage will be built 4 houses in a residential area on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​but the goal is to build the prototype in several different places of the Spanish geography.

The house comprises three levels. The ground floor is the living area, first floor the bedrooms of children, and the top floor bedroom-living parents.

A covered patio runs through the three-storey house from top to bottom, giving it vertical communication, and allowing it to cool in summer.

The heating system chosen is based on electric batteries nightly rate. By having a high level structure of bioclimatic housing have little need for energy consumption. In fact consume only 50% of the energy of a conventional house of the same surface. On the other hand, choosing night rate, the cost of electricity is reduced to 50%. By combining both worlds, what you get is a final price of electricity by 25%. What makes it the cheapest energy available. Similarly, this increases the "quality" of electricity, and that makes 4 times more effective. Finally, the electric heating is the safest, cleanest, and needs no additional spaces dedicated or expensive facilities.

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Casa Frida
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Casa Frida

Private Houses
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