Edifico Tirreno
Maju Franzan

Edifico Tirreno

Estudio demarchisalcedo.arqs as Architects

Due to economic growth in the province of Neuquen, its capital begins to be defined as a densified city in its central area, verifying this in its height profile. The high-rise residential buildings are a program that begins to appear in how much area it allows to accommodate the amount of population that arrives to reside due to labor issues. Located on the top of the city of Neuquen, where the residential area begins to lose its compactness due to the topography, this multifamily housing building is located. Due to its location, it has visuals about the city and its surrounding natural environment, being able to gain long visuals and having a contrasted relationship with the desolation. A corner land with a particular geometry and a strong slope between its shaping edges, is located with possibilities of East - South orientation (Southern hemisphere).

Due to this, it is taken as a design premise to consolidate the sides generating a continuous solid, where this allows us to obtain good performance plants in square meters for sale, as well as a compact volumetry that consolidate the edges of the Block. With a total of 7500m2 of construction, this building consists of 36 functional units which are composed of ground floor, 12 type plants plus a last level of semi-floors. With 1 bedroom (22un.) And 2 bedroom (14un.) Apartments, as well as a general-purpose ground floor premises where the kitchen and grill sector is located and can accommodate residents' events. On the South facade, the one with the best length, the departments with the best surface are located, opening to this orientation all the first class premises. On the East side the smallest 1-bedroom apartments were arranged.

Responding to the steep slope, the main income was raised by the corner of the lot and on the east side, the vehicle income was generated, achieving the necessary slope. Needing to generate two levels of subsoil, given the size of the lot and the necessary regulatory garages, a car is set up to generate the vehicular movement of the parking lot. An exterior image that contains a marked horizontality from a winding and a full and empty work provided from the exposure of the slabs in the perimeter of facades . A base that adapts to the aforementioned unevenness generates the relationship with the pedestrian, releasing the upper floors which, having a light colored plastic plaster finish, generates an idea of ​​lightness in its superior development.

Material Used :

1.Reinforced concrete

2. Ceramic brick

3. Plaster

4. Aluminum Windows

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