Einfamilienhaus in Passivhausbauweise

Einfamilienhaus in Passivhausbauweise

Abendroth architekten
Gablitz, NÖ, Austria
Project Year
Private Houses
Katharina Pöll
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
Funderplan/fibre boardFunderMaxFunderPlan
Therm Wood M046, Therm Wood M042Sto AG
Roof panelETERNIT
Mineral Plus, Diamant HartgipsplatteKnauf B.V.
Cellulose insulationThermofloc

Product Spec Sheet
Funderplan/fibre board
Therm Wood M046, Therm Wood M042
by Sto AG
Roof panel
Mineral Plus, Diamant Hartgipsplatte
Cellulose insulation

Einfamilienhaus in Passivhausbauweise

Abendroth architekten as Architects

The Janus-House in Gablitz

The Vienna woods near Gablitz is a refuge for city dwellers looking for rest and recreation. In a side valley with lush vegetation, several single-family houses line up along the road until the end of its vehicle-access zone.

One of these houses was replaced in 2018 by a new building in wooden frame construction method where now a Viennese family has created their new home. The structure discreetly fits in the sequence of the surrounding buildings.

It presents its gable-end onto street with a double pitch roof and a wood facade with very slim panels, while on the garden side it shows a hipped roof and a plaster facade. This Janus-headedness continues in the interior. Each part of the house, which has a wooden facade on the outside, is covered with wood on the inside, while the plastered exterior is covered on the inside with plasterboard.

Through this choice of materials, the spatial impression expands towards the sloping garden. The wide air space of the staircase furthers this impression. The hipped roof from the garden does not make the house appear as tall as a gable roof would.

Since this Viennese family lays great importance on hospitality, the kitchen, dining room and guest rooms are available in sufficient quantities and sizes. The exterior surfaces, such as terraces and balconies give enough scope for joyful festivities.

Due to the hillside, the so-called garden floor is used for relaxation and hobby.

The building services is easily explained: Everything that is good and useful was also installed. It is a zero-energy building at least mathematically; its outer layer has a passive house quality. Heating is provided by a geothermal heat pump combined with a residential ventilation system. Due to the hot summer, the air conditioning has been co-designed and partially realized.

Material Used :

1. Eternit Dachplatte/ Eternit roof panel

2. Thermofloc Zellulosedämmung/Thermofloc cellulose insulation

3. VD+ Vliesdampfbremse/VD+ Fleece vapor barrier

4. Massivholz Fichte/Solid wood spruce

5. 6cm: Sto Therm Wood M046

6. 10cm: Sto Therm Wood M042

7. Knauf Mineral Plus

8. Funderplan/fibre board

9. Massivholz Fichte/Knauf Diamant Hartgipsplatte

10. Konstruktionsvollholz Fichte/Construction timber Spruce

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