El Museo del Prado en Filipinas

El Museo del Prado en Filipinas

WTA Architecture and Design Studio

El Museo del Prado en Filipinas

WTA Architecture and Design Studio as Architects

El Museo del Prado en Filipinas Travelling Exhibition takes the museum experience of one of the most important national museums of Spain into the public spaces of the Philippines. More than a frame for the museum’s art prints, it brings to the country a spatial experience of El Museo del Prado through an implied formation of its arches and vaults – walking through the series of the travelling exhibit modules is an interpretation of wandering through the vaulted galleries of El Museo del Prado. Moreover, as it provides shade and visual interest through its sail-like canopies positively reminiscent of familiar umbrellas, it appeals to the sensibilities of the Filipino people. It is elegant yet approachable; fresh yet familiar. It brings the institution closer to the public.

The concept of this travelling exhibit takes the basic elements of a museum and creates a module adaptive to the streetscape. Through a modular design that is both visually and functionally derivative of the El Museo Del Prado, the project achieves its goal of giving the public access to the museum’s rich collection of art. The basis of the design comes from simplifying the museum experience into 3 parts (the art itself, the structure that houses the art, and ample viewing areas for visitors). From there, a module resembling El Museo Del Prado’s form and function in a micro scale is created. The modules, which follow the form of an arch, combine to form a visual representation of El Museo del Prado through its defining vaults and arcade. This brings the spatial and visual experience of El Museo del Prado through a replication of architectural expressions in both form and program.

Since it is a travelling exhibit that must adapt to various site conditions and parameters, the modules offer flexibility through the variations of layouts these modules can be arranged in. By using its visual character and its ability to portray various architectural forms, it brings vitality to the public space it inhibits. The modules can also be configured to define functional spaces, such as courtyards, event grounds, or community centers. Designed to be placed outdoors, it is provided with equipment necessary to withstand the elements and function even during nighttime augmenting its ability to integrate itself into the streetscapes. Translucent canopy roofing, energy saving lighting fixtures, and added stability all help in resisting the natural elements. Ease of transport and storage is also addressed in the design as the modules can be dismantled in sections.

Urban lifestyles are made richer by bringing our institutions to the people, making culture part of our everyday lives, and engaing more with the public. El Museo del Prado en Filipinas Travelling Exhibit disseminates the museum experience to the street-level community. It makes prized art accessible to the general public.

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