Engadin Airport

Engadin Airport

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Engadin Airport

OOS AG as Architects

The characteristic light of the Engadin valley, the soft valley trough, the jagged mountain peaks, the ice cold water of the rivers Flaz and Inn, bluish white glaciers, and the clear sky all form the backdrop for the architectural project that is locally grounded and yet oriented by the modern style of the “wide world”. Nature and the environment provide inspiration for the architectural themes. The building unites and interprets contrasts both directly and in a figurative sense. The benefit is clear for the airport’s heterogeneous target group: The new building is not a boring “Disneyfication” of Alpine architecture on an overgrown scale. Instead, it is an authentic interpretation of the local environment. The aesthetics of the airport interpret the local environment in a discerning way, thereby adding a new perspective on the existing beauty of nature, without using clichés or tourist motifs. The airport and its surrounding area form a defining element of the valley trough and sets itself apart from all the other Engadin architecture through its scale. It has become an important symbol of the Engadin region, serving as a welcoming gate for arriving guests, an attractive sight-seeing element in the region for local residents and tourists, as well as an employer.

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