E.ON Research Center RWTH Aachen

E.ON Research Center RWTH Aachen

Architekten | K2
Aachen, Germany
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E.ON Research Center RWTH Aachen

Architekten | K2 as Architects

E.ON Research Center is a part of the RWTH Aachen campus - a three-story interim office building with seminar rooms and laboratory facilities. It is mainly used for application-oriented research on the base of numerical modeling and experimental studies. These investigations take place in the laboratory or on the field around and focus on geothermal energy, CO2 storage in the subsurface, Petrophysics and logging.

The office area is divided into three wings. The offices and conference areas are provided with natural light and vantilation. The inner core contains technic equipment, secondary rooms and sanitary areas. The groundfloor contains seminar rooms and working places for students and trainees, where different experiments and measurements can be performed. The first floor offers offices and meeting rooms. The conference room in the front has one storey only. The standard raster of 2.625m x 3.875m and height of 3.48m allowed the design of lavish rooms.

Due to the modular construction of the building, it was possible to build it in only 7 Weeks. It brings a crucial and qualitative leap on the whole university campus and proves, that a simple construction can also be a challenge to build up great architecture.

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