Euramax Aludesign Competition

Euramax Aludesign Competition

Klaske Windt-Thiadens
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax Aludesign Competition

Klaske Windt-Thiadens as Architects

Periodic table of elements The use of Aludesign panels makes it possible for designers to customize a full façade, by printing an effect or image in high quality on them. The façade design, based on the periodic table, is meant to promote the possibilities of this new coating for aluminum panels.

Aluminum is one of the many scientific elements which occurs in this periodic table. By the display of this table and increasing the plane of the element aluminum, a subtle reference is made towards not only the material of the panel, but also to the Euramax company.

In addition, the different colored planes will help to color the world, joining the motto of the Euramax company. The image shows not only how easy it is, to design your own façade with full design freedom, but also to redesign and spice up an old façade. The diagonal placement of the table will give the façade a more playful appearance.

Initially, the striking colors will catch the attention of the passerby. But, the symbols will evoke a sense of familiarity and eventually the eye will be drawn to the enlarged plane with the aluminum symbol. This layering in the design of the façade will make it memorable.

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