Euramax Aludesign Competition

Euramax Aludesign Competition

Bean Buro
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax Aludesign Competition

Bean Buro as Architects

The patterns are an artistic interpretation of envisioning the productivity information of the factory business, where the production cycles and quantifiable variables of the industrial processes are transcribed into a set of algorithmic lines and gradient mapping colours. It signifies the production glory of the factory in the town.

The facade of the factory wall is considered to be a 'skin' with its unique organic identity. The aesthetics of the pattern is inspired by the organic undulations found on Whale skins, where its streamlined contours and spot patterns are functioning elements while beautiful and attractive.

The Aludesign product shows off its quality by the high colour definitions of the subtle gradient colours and the brightness of the spot patterns, which appear to be mysteriously lit.

When the pattern is printed on the two-dimensional, high gloss surface of the Aluminium Composite Panel, it simulates a three-dimensional experience, as it would appear that the light from the sky scatters across the patterned surfaces, with the top part blending into the sky. When one then scroll their eyes downward, the factory wall appears to undulate as fragments of light and shadows.

The overall artistic treatment to the existing factory wall creates an experience that is curious and engaging.

Marylou Faure for Bean Buro Architects.

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