Euramax Aludesign: Transform our factory wall design competition

Euramax Aludesign: Transform our factory wall design competition

Simon Couchman Architects
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Euramax Aludesign: Transform our factory wall design competition

Simon Couchman Architects as Architects

This is a ‘Living wall” that incorporates plants within the aluminum-cladfacade. The proposal has fun with the idea of decorating a factory wall andtakes the concept beyond the 2-dimensional plane.

Euramax digital coating technology is combined with a green-wall facadesystem to create something truly unique and unexpected in this otherwisebland industrial context.

In world saturated by advertising we have become accustomed to seeingimagery throughout our day depicting various objects of desire and placeswe’d rather be. This proposal seeks to go outside the square and avoidlooking like just another billboard.

The smokestack graphic is a somewhat ‘tongue-in-cheek” symbolism thatmakes us look twice, and ‘grounds’ the instillation within the roots of itscontext. Shimmering silver and grey tones in the printing would furtherobscure the imagery toward visual art and away from the language ofbillboard advertising.

Puncturing the wall facade at random locations with bursts of greeneryoffers an added element of surprise and contrast. The use of living plantssoftens the building and speaks of a changing world that accommodatesnatural systems and the notion of sustainability.

A drip watering system and drainage concealed behind the facade keep thegardens healthy, lush and virtually maintenance-free. Lighting illuminatesthe greenery at night for further effect.

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