Euramax / Archello Open Competition

Euramax / Archello Open Competition

Studio Tre
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax / Archello Open Competition

Studio Tre as Architects

Our submission has been titled inhouseas “Another World”. It toys with the notion ofspace, perspective, traveling, and exploring different cultures and locations. Also it referencesDutch culture as seen by foreigners, by including several “eastereggs”in the image which atfirst sight may go by unnoticed, as the old windmill contrasting with new windpoweredelectricalgenerators, the relationship of people from the city with the water and sailing in an unlikely place,just like the sensation a tourist has when meeting Amsterdam’s channels for the first time.

The idea is based on the creation of a simulated perspective, easily viewed by anyonepassing by the street or at a distance, but also interesting enough to make people want toapproach the building to investigate the aforementioned details on the picture.

Our proposal was developed with the idea in mind to open a “window” to another placeacross the building’s wall, through which the viewer can experience the sensation of being ableto easily reach outofordinaryplaces; we also aimed to provoke the viewer by combining knownelements with strange and unfamiliar landscapes. Also, by using a colourful graphicrepresentation, we attract the public’s attention to the factory and it’s surroundings, and to thematerial being used to create this “optical illusion” on the wall of an industrial building,unconsciously making viewers wonder what’s the true perspective behind the image.

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