EURAMAX Competition

EURAMAX Competition

Mohamad Mirzazadeh
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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EURAMAX Competition

Mohamad Mirzazadeh as Architects

I believed that the most important and unique aspect of Aludesign is its ability to produce optical illusion on a surface of façade. I decided to show this great possibility of Aludesign in an obviously clear and bold way; therefore, I put the image of current façade of factory on the background of my layout to achieve this particular kind of optical illusion. Then, I imagined the façade as a large advertisement board to present the ‘Euramax’ brand. So, I considered the globalization of Euramx in two different viewpoints: Firstly, considering the vast expansion of façade buildings of Euramax around the world. Secondly, considering and appreciating internationally staffs and workers of Euramax. To do so, I used fingerprints and handprints of fictitious workers and staffs, unfortunately we did not have access to their real fingerprints and handprints, to paint the worldwide map by four colors to represent four symbolic skin colors of human races around the world-red, black, white, and yellow. On the top of the façade of building, there was a complicated situation to design, because of its triangular shape and a long rectangular window; therefore, I managed to design a proper typography with those symbolic colors to represent the Aludesign name. To make the unity of the whole design I continued the typography design connected to the large centered phrase of design ‘under construction by EURAMAX.’

In conclusion, I tried to achieve the most important possibility of Aludesign which is in my point of view-its ability to create optical illusion. I also tried to consider the efforts of staffs and workers and to appreciate and to motivate them by seeing their fingerprints on their workplace facade. In addition, my design tried to be an advertisement board for Euramax attitudes and activities.

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