Euramax Competition

Euramax Competition

Den Haag, Netherlands

PEPart makes you peppy

PEPart as Artists

Euramax Competition Create an innovative, headturning benchmark for architects and customers visiting us from all over the world. The facade has to communicate Euramax’s goal and Aludesign’s possibilities in the best possible way with a positive impact on workers, clients and passing traffic.

The designer The designer has a long lasting experience to address the subconscious mind, thus clearing yourself from fears, doubts, trauma, blockades, limiting behavioral patterns and anything that is still in the way of you living the life you want to live. The limiting behavioral patterns can be rearranged into a strong, pure pattern: the Mindmap to unlimited possibilities

Analysis The thoughts which lead to the competition stated by Euramax serve as abstract subjects for the composition of the pattern. We want more clients and more orders and more profit. Therefore more ambition and energy is needed to significantly alter the current level and create new vigour to conquer the world, e.g. Australia. An ‘Ambition through gentle force’ pattern is needed.

The design The design is a visualization of a thought or a wish in the pure form. The elements needed for the visual are arranged into a poweful pattern. This pattern is the Mindmap, the road to realization. For the ‘Ambition through gentle force’ Mindmap, 6 elements are carefully selected and balanced by a particulary imaginative creative mind, to visualize the pattern. The yellow panel The source The blue panel Priority The gray shadow Determent The green man Change The perfume tester Vigour And the one element that rules all: The blue line Energy

Conclusion The artwork for the wall is a PEPart, a Mindmap for ‘Ambition through gentle force’.

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Project Credits
Tacofino Ocho
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