Juan David Jaramillo


Juan David Jaramillo as Designers

Water is an aproach for a graphical application that contains a reflection about gaze as human´s privileged position. The act of looking has become our most important sense, hence the importance of image and representation as a place (space) of contemplation. This image contains the landscape, that is just nature controlled by human´s gaze; but there is also an absent someone, not on the catch, but present as a sign, his way of being lives an impression in architecture. Space is not only a geometric container, neither is its only function to serve as a receptacle for the objects that populate the world. Space is the enabler of the things themselves, is a producer of relationships and, in this sense, it only emerges when man appears, with his relationships and the associated architecture. As a result of this process in which space becomes producer and produced man finds its manifold possibilities of being and acting in the world, to look at himself in the world and know who he is.

Water is therefore a vision of the man, his vital status and being in the world.

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Canoeing Training Base
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Canoeing Training Base

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Augustow, Poland - Build completed in 2019
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