Euramax Competition

Euramax Competition

Timoshevich Anastasia

Euramax Competition

Timoshevich Anastasia as Designers

Modernism is for everyone. But lately this global architectural trend strives to replace the principle of formation of the regional architecture. Fortunately the onrush of technology allows to show the national architectural traditions or to give an opportunity to express the individuality of a particular person (artist, graphic, graffiti artist). In Europe, there is a unique historical environment, in contrast with which the ultramodern solutions of facades look great.

Also often in countries with low-quality of construction - textures and colors of the surface of the facade save an aesthetic solution (distract the eye from flaws) or allow you to change its decision on more relevant rather quickly and inexpensively as soon as possible. Sometimes townsmen believe that the architects impose the environment that they like only. And this environment is rejected by the society: many people with the exception of the professionals set their heart against the modernist architecture. Thanks to AluDesign technology it is possible to make reality the congenial and lifestyle ideas of the inhabitants and the images ascending to the history and traditions. Only because of the unique cultural traits it is possible to attract the attention and become more apprehensible to the people. In everyday life, people often adapt to the situation – people put on masks. As well as the facades of the buildings which are either a means of integration into the environment or the means of marking it out of general construction or landscape. Thanks to AluDesign technology your building can be extravagant, attract everyone’s attention and amaze or can blend with other buildings and create a special atmosphere – everything is in your hands; let your imagination run riot.

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New York, New York, USA - Build completed in 2018
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