Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

dE_fORmA Arquitetura
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Euramax competition entry

dE_fORmA Arquitetura as Architects

The project’s base is founded upon the idea of the environment’s continuity, seen here as the perspective’s projection of the neighbors buildings into the factory’s facade. This,on the other hand ,incorporates components of the of the real facade behind the panel, such as the corrugation of the steel walls, which we reinterpreted as vertical lines and this demonstrates the possibilities of Euramax technology to look so real that it’s not possible anymore to distinguish it from the real facade pattern.

Apart from this, the lines are entangled and distorted as they move away from the edges and creates a new identity, not just to the front of the building itself, but for the rest of the industrial complex.

While discretion plays an important role in the overall composition, the freely inspired circle at the right echoes the company’s globe logo, and this being superimposed to the rest of the elements ,gives the tridimensional role of the whole set.

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