Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

Art kafism
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Euramax competition entry

Art kafism as Architects

Factory wall location is so exciting and noticeable from street side, so a question comes to my mind - do street moving person carry knowledge about the workers or just know about its final product and owner ?

Now the point is who is an owner of a firm - is it a workers or stock holders or both are owner?

I learn art from my daliy life and I strongly believe both are owner of a firm. Its just a simple thing owner of a shoes is hand as well as both workers and stock holders have equivalent hand in constructing a reliable market value.The first thing which came into mind to see this long empty wall is to make it memorable and attractive. I decided to use this wall to pay homage to factory workers.

I will be using concept of frames filled with workers portrait, For me, frames just not represent box having photo, but it represents transparent box with lost key and showing different memories, life time whole cycle. and future also. it is always a ocean of memories.Every person spend his life with his own integrity and dignity and every person wants appreciation and newton third law of motion shall be follow in life of a human cycle. if an employee is devoting their life to some firm then stock holder has to pay something more apart their livelihood. I believe this is the great opportunity to show their value, their hard work, their days to night and night to days to make firm rigid , reliable firm. This kind of homage will bring energy and love in workers also.

It would be surprising element for everyone moving on road to see various portraits and put everyone in unquestionable and amazing situation for everyone.

I would love to take this opportunity and eager to work with your organisation.

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