Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

Vasilis Kampas
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Euramax competition entry

Vasilis Kampas as Architects

"Mathematics is the Language of the Nature"

As an entry for the Euramax Competition, I chose this conceptual design for the Factory Wall for many reasons that are being mentioned below.

First, the panel itself is being revealed by having the same grid formed by the aluminum panels at the background of the design. At some point in this dynamic design, the panels/frames are starting to move from their position and form an articulated design which gives us a three dimensional sense and experience.

Second, this essential design originates from a green and architectural culture because of the conceptual idea to display numbers emerging from the Fibonacci sequence, the architectural representative sign of the grass in elevation and the green colors.

Finally, the architectural approach of the design and the idea to use nature as a theme, is to transmit a social eco-friendly message regarding second thoughts on industrial pollution and also, to promote the use of panels, instead of an alternative decorative method as street art graffiti, which is often connected to vandalism.

This design offers a dual experience: being viewed in a fast way by the cars passing by and also, in a more attentive way, by customers and pedestrians. The articulated movement of the frames as panels moved from their original position, delivers a dynamic and fast-viewed experience. Additionally, the numbers and the architectural sign of the grass deliver a more static and interesting experience, as a hidden quality to the viewer.

The linear grass sign can also be interpreted as a ruler, giving the sense of nature's way to grow and evolve, which is also what the Fibonacci sequence is all about and the reason why my entry's theme is "Mathematics is the Language of the Nature".

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