Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

Raluca Neagu-Aldan
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax competition entry

Raluca Neagu-Aldan as Architects

What if we could print a facade? Instead of using panels to embellish the exterior of abuilding, what if we could create the facade itself, with all its components, through printing?This figurative question was the main thought behind designing this illustration. The goal wasbringing panel coating one step further into forming any thinkable skin for a house –reinventing the term of facade through digital printing.

The illustration is composed of 31 tiles which depict local facade motifs from the city ofRoermond in a scale of aprox. 1:1. The passing people can identify themselves with theconcept and clients are presented with a 1:1 scale of a possible product from Euramax.

The motifs are structured in three sections, according to the traditional building types: in theupper area there are the gables, usually decorated, the middle area consists of the windowopenings in different shapes and sizes, and the lower area depicts the entrance situationswith mostly big storefronts. The inclusion of the existing factory window was also a target ofthis design.

Innovation comes with the usage of color – 389 in particular. Through an addition of 181overlaying surfaces, a number of roughly 1000 shades should originate. This would explorethe possibilities of Euramax printing techniques and create an abstract picture: a traditionalfacade with a modern twist.This design also takes into account the grid of the aluminum panels and tries to integrate it:black “constructive” lines are superimposed on the illustration, in the style of an architecturaldrawing.

Through this design, the identity of Euramax as a facade building company should bereinforced and the possibilities of its product Aludesign shown. By trying to push color andform further, the motto “true facade freedom” should be exemplified.

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