Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

Joseph L. Piscitelli, RLA and Mark Scaramucci, GRP
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax competition entry

Joseph L. Piscitelli, RLA and Mark Scaramucci, GRP as Architects


Our submission uses the combination of innovative design techniques. The experts at Euromax created aone of a kind new façade technology called Aludesign. The new digital coating showcases a high quality,high definition façade with the ability to print anything you can imagine.

We chose to use our passion for green infrastructure and marry the two head turning design elementsto create a one of a kind façade design that will appeal to everyone all over the world. Using ourexperience in green wall technology and enhancing it with Aludesign panels we created a “So real youcan touch it” element. The design of the façade is a digital image of a green wall application with (4)panels left for an actual real life green wall, adjacent to the slogan “So real you can touch it”. Theconcept behind our vision is to showcase the high quality images produced by Aludesign while blendingit with green wall technology.

The need for innovation in a sense of urgency to help the planet along with the standard setting façadetechnology have now evolved together creating the ability to disguise natural elements within thefabricated materials used in todays’ structures. Facades are not only the encasement of a structure butare also what we view walking down the street or driving on our highways. So if we can mix nature withtechnology then we can evolve our everyday aesthetics for everyone. This is the ultimate in true façadefreedom.

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