Euramax competition entry

Juan Sebastián Rivera Soriano as Architects

WALL PAINT DESIGN CONCEPT All along history wall paints have been the most applied integration of painting on Architecture,the new facade product of Euramax gives amazing possibilities to recover this importance. Fromthe fresco paintings inside the Maya pyramids, to the Portuguese mosaics in ceramic, the newEuramax product will allow wall paints to be again a protagonist element on Architectural worksall around the world.

"Good savages all around the world" The title of the paint makes reference to the idealized concept of the noble savage that appears inEurope during the XVIII century as a consequence of the high paradoxes that modernizationprocesses generates at that time. This nice concept that appears first in Jean-Jacques Rousseauspeech about arts and sciences and after in the speech about the origins and fundaments ofinequality between men is partially true in the way that the mechanization and homogenization ofhuman life makes men to lost their connection with their old beliefs and moral code that allowedthem to live in peace, harmony and community as brothers and sisters.

Instead of choosing one of the idealized representation of the good savage, we take a drawingfrom the book "America Tertia Pars" by the artist Theodor de Bry one of the first ethnocentricchronics from the new world made by Europeans showing the American natives as Cannibalwitches. The scene selected show a group of men and women preparing and sharing "chicha" thebeer of the new world in a nice party in the middle of a totally organic way of life in the Amazonianforest of South America. In contrast to this the paint is located in a Factory building in Holland.One of the main epicenters of modernization and develop of the western world.

This work of art is a joke and a remind that all humans are novel savages deep inside their hearts,and that maybe one day all we shall live like brothers and sisters again in harmony and peace allaround the world.

Team credits. Juan Sebastián Rivera Soriano Monica Sofía Lopez Astaiza Jose David Martinez Otalora

Office in Sanno
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Office in Sanno

Aichi Prefecture, Japan - Build completed in 2018
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