Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

BJT architecten
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Euramax competition entry

BJT architecten as Architects

The design is based on the places in Europe where buildingsare realized with aluminum panels made by Euramax;Sylt, Vlissingen, Hoofddorp, Leuven, Roanne, Frankfurt, Parma,Porec, Budapest.

The thick black points represent the places in Europe. A lineconnects the points and represents the distance between theplaces. The line is the connecting factor and crosses also thewindows (a line made of steel).

The points are placed in a Voronoi diagram and give animpression of the influence they have on their surroundings.Every place has its own Voronoi diagram represented by acolor. The northerly places a cool color, southern places awame color. To the east a light and sunny color, to the west alight cool color.

The colors should be expressive, in contrast with theirenvironment and they should contrast with each other.The design has a rational and discipline intent. At the sametime it gives the building a ornamentation.The colored coated aluminium panels ignore the formats of thepanels. The dots should be black and about 100mm thick. Theblack line connects them.

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