Euramax Competition entry by Alter Arquitectura

Euramax Competition entry by Alter Arquitectura

Alter Arquitectura
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Euramax Competition entry by Alter Arquitectura

Alter Arquitectura as Architects

“Good design is good business.” — Thomas J. Watson Jr

For the last 40 years Euramax has been recognized throughout the world for its products’ quality and variety. For the development of this project we made our priority to give EuramaxRoermond, a personal identity.Reflecting its cultural context and differentiating it from any other factory in the world, even other Euramax companies.

Due to the fact that most of the clients are architects, designers and constructors from different parts of the world, we focused on having an impact in the local area, transmitting why Roermond, The Netherlands and its city landscape is so special to its people.

The reinterpretation of Roermond’s downtown Markt shows the town’s identity, the connection betweentraditional and new architecture, the contrast between them and how they interact within the same context. It gives a strong sense of oneness to the people who work in the company and show to rest of the world why they are so proud of their city.

These contrasting and coexisting concepts are represented in our design through the relationship between forms and color. The color has been abstracted from a real picture of the Markt, giving it a sense of the traditional, and playing with the triangles whichrepresent the transition to the modernity that the city has experienced throughout the years, taking as an advantage the technologies that Euramax has developed.

We decided we wanted to show this precision of Euramax’sAluDesign technology, using shapes that are intricate and colors that belong to a specific range, requiring an excellent printing quality to maintain its original form.

Our work will create a strong identity, attracting more people to be a part of Euramax’s team, from clients to employees and even Roermond citizens.

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