Euramax Design Competition Concept

Euramax Design Competition Concept

Zia Ansari
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax Design Competition Concept

Zia Ansari as Architects

The concept arises from the country Netherlands itself, in which the Euramax brings latest technology, color variations, patterns which gives liveliness to my design through use of panels Aludesign.

The design thought is arises that the wall should be in such a way that,

• It gives a feeling of belongingness to the workers of the factory, clients and passing traffic. It should give a feel that the design is part of them showing their culture, traditions, festivals, their historical monuments and their present country. • It also shows to people all over the world about Netherlands and Dutch culture, history and modernism.

Hence, the factory wall is designed as abstract of Netherlands national flag using pattern of circle merging with the images of Netherlands. Each band of the flag defines different story of the country, • Cobalt Blue defines culture, traditions, people of the country like Sinterklaas & Zwark Piet, legendary painter Vicent Willen Van Gogh, festival Bloemencorso (flower parade) and famous painting girl with a pearl earring. • White represent as world famous historical monuments like windmills and the beautiful and magnificent Muiderslot castle, the tallest church tower in the country Dom tower. • Bright Vermilion shows the modern structures of Netherlands like Euromast, eye film institute, Amsterdam arena.

All these important and primary elements are represented in the design. Primary means to depict, like there are many castle in the country but only Muiderslot is shown and there are thousands of windmills in Netherlands also windmill at Kinderdlik which is a world heritage site by UNESCO but only few are shown. The design will give a fantastic and unique image of the country and its heritage also sense of familiarity in which the Euramax is the possibility that offers to give a variations of color and uniqueness to the design, through the advance technology of Aludesign.

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