Euramax Factory Wall Competition

Euramax Factory Wall Competition

Sean A. Moyano
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax Factory Wall Competition

Sean A. Moyano as Architects

The design intent was to portray the strength of what The Netherlands has tooffer by the fragments that make it become whole. Taking the national flag of thecountry and putting it at the forefront of the design was to create a design thatwould never be out of date, never be out-grown, but a design that was to thetimeless from beginning and on. As Euramax for being one of the most importantbrands to help change architecture and design, this design represents not themost elaborate drawing or image that can be placed on a buildingʼs façade, it isdedicated to showing how important design must be taken not just as a whole,but for the distinct pieces that compose it in its entirety.

The pieces, in thisinstance are using the grid matrix that overlaid the façade, and using each pieceto create a whole as each individual AluDesign segment is coated a differentcolor in spectrum: Red, White, and Blue; the flag of The Netherlands. Within eachcolor, the field now becomes a micro-influenced field, as no two panels share thesame exact color. This shows the endless possibilities Euramax and AluDesignpanels can create when the two come together in design. Thus, when looking atthe façade in a macro-influenced field, we see how the segmented panels ofinfinite color possibilities become one entity as a design. The Netherlands flag issomething that has become a staple in the ranks of the most prestigiouscountries across the world; this explains why it is an influence that is timeless.This design will show the extensive ability that Euramax and AluDesign have tooffer clients, architects and designers in an organized, modest and bold manner.

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