European Center for the Geological Education

European Center for the Geological Education

Open Architekci
Checiny, Poland
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European Center for the Geological Education

Open Architekci as Architects

Our challange while designing the European Centre of Geological Education was to find a coherent answer to the following assigment: How can an artifical object fit in the landscape and merge with it, and at the same time, be easily recognized as a human touch in it?

The buildings, housing the functional programme of the centre, were shaped as simple geometrical blocks that do not try to mimic the nature. The most visible human gesture is the composition of the volumes- they are put in an order, one next to another, in a way that respects the lanscape.

The surroundings of the centre represent unique quality and the proposal tries to take to most of it. The new buildings open up to the landscape, on the north side the centre closes an exisiting quarry. The cladding material- corten steel-indicates the time factor of the architecture and justifies the presence of the new structure in the context of the place, which is strongly marked by the ruins of a medival castel. Inside the centre, a recreational zones are created: sport facilities, picnic areas, open-air auditiorium spaces. The centre is also well conected to the net of bike paths in the neighbourhood.

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