Evangelical church transformation

Evangelical church transformation

Graber & Petter Architectes
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Lionel Henriod

Evangelical church transformation

Graber & Petter Architectes as Architects

The soul of this transformation is founded on the expression of sacredness in an old industrial building.


The original structure is characterised by its composition of pillars, cross-beams and slabs in reinforced concrete. The flexibility of the system allows the transformation of rooms into a generous space bathed in natural light. The simple sliding of a curtain makes it possible to separate, or connect, the reception area and place of worship.


The economical resources available encouraged the use of raw materials. In the same spirit, the pattern of wall textures is unified with a simple white tone which abstracts the space while emphasising the fragmentation of the massive structure and anchoring sensation provided by the dark flooring. The curtain counterbalances this atmosphere with its light and silky appearance.


The desire of this church was that the architecture accompanies the welcoming spirit of the community. The bar, through its disposition, it subtly integrated with the place of worship in order to encourage interaction.

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