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Ewok House

Ewok House

Fones Arquitectos
Lo Barnechea, Region Metropolitana, Chile | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Antonio Aros Dominguez

Ewok House

Fones Arquitectos as Architects

The site is located in an area of the city that is marked by an irregular topography with the typical gradients and unevenness of the Andean foothills, surrounded by spaces with dense vegetation, and facing a stream that allows views to take a leading role.

These elements start shaping a house that should look, integrate and live with the landscape, nature and environment.

The steep gradient was established as the first challenge, where understanding the position and orientation that the house should take was fundamental to take advantage of the views and the integration with the outside. In this sense, it is decided to place the house on a large wall-skirting that will shape the access to the house, will form the courtyard, and will elevate the house to a level where the public street and vehicular traffic disappears with respect to the views towards the landscape. Along with this, the main volume of the house is oriented in search of the densest green areas of the site, avoiding the views of nearby constructions and maintaining privacy from the neighbors.

Another challenge of the project was to strengthen the relationship between the exterior and interior of the house.The location of the main volume, located strategically in the upper part of the land, allowed to connect the two types of predominant exteriors in the project formed by the slope, the house and the gradient, through the views and the internal circulation of the house. This way, a transverse connection of the house with the exteriors is generated, leaving the living room fully integrated with the patios, terraces and gardens through windows capable of opening the space completely.

The intersection between interior and exterior spaces is transformed into the essence of the project paths where a patio, a terrace or an exterior view always accompanies each one of the circulations inside the house. A double patio in the access, a living room connected transversely with a patio and a terrace or a tree that vertically accompanies both floors of the house are some examples of the interior and exterior relationship. The same happens in the kitchen, where every day uses are differentiated, creating a work zone defined by an island table and another dining room area connected to a green slope through a large window.

As for materiality, materials such as concrete are privileged in the first level, highlighting its height of 2.90 meters with a planked sky and a porcelain tile in all its extension, which contrast with the vegetal material of its near surroundings.
The neutral colors and sober materials that were used as criterion in all the house, allowed to put emphasis on the decoration and personality that the owners wanted to give their home.

Material Used :
1. Hormigon in sight
2. Brasilia Porcelain Concrete Graphite 60x180
3. Madera Oak Sparrow flooring
4. Thermopanel Glass

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