Exclusive beach tent for a day

Exclusive beach tent for a day

Erwin Zwiers
Castricum, Netherlands

Exclusive beach tent for a day

Erwin Zwiers as Architects

To mark the 10th anniversary of law firm ‘Allen & Overy’ at Amsterdam, Studio Erwin Zwiers designed an unique concept to build a private beach tent, for a teambuilding day for ‘Allen & Overy’. This was done in close collaboration with events agency Goesting B.V. at Heemskerk, and beach tent Bad Noord at Castricum. This beach tent for a day was specially designed so that the staff of ‘Allen & Overy’ could build it within a day during their teambuilding which took place at the beach of Castricum, the Netherlands. The choice of the materials for the beach tent has been a conscious decision of natural colors and materials that would merge well together with the natural surroundings of the beach.

Prior to the event, the foundation of the beach tent was placed, so that the staff of ‘Allen & Overy’ could build and furnish the tent their selves on the day of the teambuilding. When this was finished the staff had a dinner in their own beach tent, including a dj somewhat later that evening. When the feast was over and the staff of ‘Allen & Overy’ were headed home, the tent was demolished.

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